Indian Voice-Overs

Indian Voice-Overs
The INDIAN VOICE-OVERS Voice Training Centre presents the Diploma in Voice Acting & Vocal Performance
When it comes to voice training, one size does NOT fit all. Your voice, just like you, is unique. Therefore our course follows the one-to-one format, that means only one student is trained at one time. This helps in efficient use of your time where your strengths are enhanced and weaknesses worked up on and reduced.
Our Diploma in Voice Acting & Vocal Performance is a package course designed specifically for aspiring voice-over and dubbing artists. It contains everything one needs to successfully launch their voice-over career.
Indian Voice-Overs is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India
As the media industry matures in India, just having multiple television or radio networks will not be enough. What actually goes on air will eventually matter. In other words content will become King.
A big part of this Content are the various elements of on-air presentation. This includes the channel graphics you see on TV or radio imaging spots you hear on radio. The one common thread running between television, radio and now the internet is the element of Sound of which voice is an integral part of. This important part of all broadcast mediums is still largely neglected in India.
As a viewer or listener you have to ask yourself, how do our television or radio channels sound? Do the voices in the Indian media today effectively communicate the information to you or not? Sadly, most do not.
The one simple reason is that the voice training the media professionals, broadcasters and voice-over artists receive if any is simply not up to the mark. If hundreds of channels are to compete for viewers, this will have to change.
Sasha Masand the Founder and CEO of INDIAN VOICE-OVERS is a multi-award winning Television Producer who has been part of the Indian media industry for over twenty years and has been an English and Hindi Voice-Over Artist for over sixteen. He has voiced On-Air-Promos in English and Hindi for many channels including Zee Cinema, Star Plus, Star World, Star Sports, Star News and National Geographic Channel, Cartoon Network etc.
He has coached hundreds of individuals in voice-overs and many of the country's leading corporate employees in verbal communication. He has also trained many TV presenters and News Anchors at CNBC TV18, ET NOW and Bloomberg India.
INDIAN VOICE-OVERS also offers courses in Management Communication for corporates in India to help improve the sales and communication skills of their management and employees.
Apart from Mumbai and Pune we have also trained many aspiring voice artists from New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Ujjain and many other Indian cities.
We conduct our one-to-one voice training classes at our studios in Mumbai and Pune.
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