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This set of professional maintenance training courses are referred to as the The Maintenance Technician's bundle. This IMPO (Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations) professional maintenance training bundle includes hydraulics training too. As a large part of the professional maintenance person's industrial plant responsibility is working with hydraulics.
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Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: maintenance, industrial engineering, instrumentation and control
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This is primarily cdrom training
Course Level:basic
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Maintenance Technician Training Software Bundle
Training Program Details
The bulk of the professional maintenance training courses in this bundle are related to the other part of the industrial plant, the automation and control side. The 8 training course titles are PLCTraner, CLXTrainer, ViewTrainer, VFDTrainer, MCTrainer, TSTrainer, Devicenet tutor and the FPTrainer. Great for industrial plant maintenance personnel just starting out or wanting a refresher on automation and control, as well as the hydraulic side of plant equipment. Buying all 8 industrial automation controls training software course titles, saves you 31 Make this bundle part of your industrial maintenance & plant operations training program today. See
About The Training Provider: Business Industrial Network
Business Industrial Network - Engineering and Maintenance Training Services: Business Industrial Network's core business is delivering world class onsite engineering and maintenance training in all 50 states specializing in Allen Bradley equipment. We conduct maintenance training seminars in Atlanta and St. Louis. Engineering and Maintenance Training Products: Thru our subsidiary Feed Forward Publications we offer...
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