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This General Air Compressor Training with skill test is a great animated study guide for all related career skill assessment, not just industrial. Why? Because training covers most compressors types and compressors control systems in the industry. The process gas compressor, rotary compressor, vertical compressor, screw type compressor, centrifugal compressor, liquid ring compressor, radial compressor, reciprocating compressor, lobe compressor, etc.
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Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: mechanical engineer, maintenance mechanic
Related Jobs or Careers: mechanics, maintenance, manufacturing and process industries
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Course Level:basic through advanced
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Air Compressor Training
Training Program Details
Even thought this compressor training covers all compressors, both gas compressors and air compressors, we like to stress it's industrial air compressor training value. That is because 99 of all manufacturing industries use one or more air compressors and those air compressors are a bottleneck to the entire plant. All plant support personnel need a thorough understanding of how their air compressor works and proper maintenance of their air compressor control systems. To help encourage your plant personnel to absorb this air compressor training, the compressor training software prints out a certificate upon completion.
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Basics & Principles of Compressor - Working
Various Industrial compressors described
Detailed coverage on Reciprocating, Centrifugal & Screw compressors
Extensive 2D / 3D Graphics, Models and Animations
Skill tests, Certificate printouts
Who Can Benefit:
Students as well as maintenance and engineering personnel who have not had formal air compressor training, will find this general air compressor training increases both their knowledge and confidence when working with most compressors and compressor control systems. Those with previous air compressor training may find this training a good refresher and may learn some important information not covered in their original air compressor training.
Course Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Compressors
What is a Compressor?
How Compressors work?
Compressor Classification and Type Selection.
Skill test and assessment
2. Different Types of Compressors
2. 1.1. Ejector
2. 1.2. Radial (Centrifugal) Compressor
2. 1.3. Axial Compressor
Positive Displacement
2. 2.1. Rotary
Sliding Vane Compressor
Liquid Ring Compressor
Screw Compressor
Lobe (Roots) Compressor
2. 2.2. Reciprocating
Trunk type
Crosshead Type
Skill test and assessment
3. Detailed Description of Popular, Industrial Compressors
Operation Principle of Plant Air Compressors
3. 1.1. Screw Compressor - Skid Mounted.
Screw Compressor, principle of operation
Control System and Lube oil circuit
3. 1.2. V - Type, Trunk and Crosshead Compressor - Skid Mounted
Multi Stage, Trunk and Crosshead, principle of operation
Air and Cooling Circuit
3. 1.3. Horizontal, Balanced, Opposed, Multi Stage Compressor
3. 1.4. Skill test and assessment
3. 2. Operation Principle and Maintenance concepts of Process Gas Compressors
3. 2.1. Double Acting, Single and Multi Stage Reciprocating Compressor
Principle of Operation
Lubrication of Reciprocating Compressor
Crankcase Main Bearing / Con-rod Big End Bearing
Cylinder and Packing Lubrication
Crankcase / Crank Shaft / Connecting Rod / Crosshead
Compressor Valves
Piston, Piston Elements, Rod Reversal, Runout and Piston End Clearances
Stuffing Box and Rod Packing elements
Compressor Cylinder Cooling System / Inter Cooling / After Cooling
Compressor Control System
Capacity Controls
Intake Valves Unloading
Clearance Pocket Unloading
3. 2.2. Centrifugal Compressors
Centrifugal Compressor Principle
Capacity of Compressor
Head of Compressor
Surging and Anti Surge
Thrust Balancing
Lube Oil System
Seal Oil System
Component Arrangement
Sealing Arrangement
Dry Gas Seal
Bearing Arrangement
3. 2.3. Skill test and assessment
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