Provided by: World Institute for Security Enhancement

Harbor Maritime Security - Protecting the World's Ports

Risk Management

To train personnel to ensure that all attendees can apply a standard level of adequate and timely security within the Harbor & Maritime Security environments. This course is intended to exceed the training requiremenets set forth by the International Maritime Organization's (IMO), 'Port Facility Security Officer' and the United States Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002.
Using the most qualified expertise available, the World Institute for Security Enhancement provides practical "hands on" training courses designed to improve security at the federal, municipal, state and local level to those who want to respond effectively to issues following the tragedies of September 11, 2001. The issues are tailored specifically to meet the needs of Port Facility Security Officers, Security Officials & Officers, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security practitioners within the Harbor & Maritime environment. The program is designed to train a variety of personnel in the procedures and strategies they need in order to respond effectively to the important issues of security within this newly evolving environment.
Areas of concentration include Maritime Security and Antiterrorism; Maritime Security Policies; Security Responsibilities; Port Facility Security Assessment; Security Equipment for Port Facilities; Facility Security Plans; Threat Identification, Recognition, and Response; Port Facility Security Actions; Emergency Preparedness, Drills, Exercises and Search Procedures; ans Security Administration & Management.
Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: Courses have been reviewed and are "Approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board". This Board regulates and
Related Jobs or Careers: This course has been specifically designed to meet the need of all maritime employees to include senior executive team members,
This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
DVDThis video may be available on DVD
coursewareCourseware may be available for purchase
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Wilmington, NC,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:40 hours
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by World Institute for Security Enhancement
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Harbor Maritime Security - Protecting the World's Ports Seminar Schedule

December, 2017
11th Dec   Ashville, NC   [Register]
Harbor Maritime Security - Protecting the World's Ports
Harbor & Maritime Security - Securing the Nation's Ports
HMS-01 Threat Awareness
> Historical Perspective
> Terrorist Organizations
> Counter Terrorist Organizations
> Sources of Threat Information
HMS-02 Passenger, Baggage& Cargo Safety
> Passenger Screening
> Baggage Screening
> Cargo Screening
> Search Procedures
HMS-03 Access Control & Physical Security
> Operational Procedures
> Harbor Equipment
> Port Equipment
> Shipboard Equipment
HMS-04 Port Visit
> Visit to Local Port
> Port Representative Meeting
HMS-05 Emergency Management Plan
> Contingency Planning
> Business Continuity
> Emergency Support Functions
> Interagency Cooperation
> Applicable Laws
HMS-06 Incident Command System
> Common Terminology
> Basic Organizational Structure
> Role of Incident Commander
> Relationship of Federal, State, Local and Private Sector Officials
> Unified Command Setup & Operation
HMS-07 Table Top Exercise
> Emergency Response Team
> Mock Terrorist Scenario
> Interagency Cooperation
HMS-08 Resources
> Glossary of Terms
> Reference Material
About The Training Provider: World Institute for Security Enhancement
World Institute for Security Enhancement - The WORLD INSTITUTE provides Homeland Security Training and Consultation, to Industry and Government Agencies by an Internationally Respected Faculty. The INSTITUTE focuses on Protection of the Nation's Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources, through Specialized Training, promoting Life Safety & National Security issues, providing Research & Development and serving as a "Think Tank". Some...
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