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Industrial electrical training video course, 10 DVDs about electrical control with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and course completion certificate. We cover the most critical and fundamental skills that your maintenance department needs to know. Electrical Control Circuits, Motor Controls, and PLCs. This 10 DVD set covers automation control with sensors and electrical components and PLC DVDs. Includes DC and AC motor controller, 3 phase transformer and many more industrial motor, power and automation control training modules.
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Industrial Electrical Training Video Course
Training Program Details

Section 1
This section covers the Electrical Power Distribution:

  • Cut your power bills and extend the life of your equipment by using power factor correction.
  • Choose the safest methods for power distribution.
  • Configure wye and delta branch and feeder circuits to provide a balanced power system.
  • Learn which voltage connection to avoid to prevent equipment damage.
  • Determine phase-to-phase and phase-to neutral voltages and currents.
  • Distribute power through your plant via switchgear and busways.
  • Rectify AC power into DC power.
  • Make sure you place correction capacitors in the right place or else your motor overload heaters won't work right and you'll burn out your motors.
  • Provide a safe ground bus for safety and proper equipment operation.
  • See link below for more details and demo ...

Includes one DVD:

  • Understanding 3-Phase Power and Plant Distribution (51: 16 min)

Section 2
This section covers Electrical Components & Sensors:

  • Avoid costly electrical wiring mistakes, read multi-position selector switches in electrical diagrams.
  • Troubleshoot tricky pushbutton problems, don t replace the whole thing when it might just be the contact blocks.
  • Use time-delayed and instantaneous timer contacts, know the difference and protect your equipment.
  • Troubleshooting relays can be a nightmare, follow our detailed electrical troubleshooting method and save time.
  • Many control devices share components, learn how to cut your spare parts inventory to a minimum.
  • Choose the correct photoelectric sensor for your application.
  • Apply, install, and troubleshoot limit, photoelectric, and proximity switches.
  • Should you use an inductive or capacitive prox, they look the same, but if you pick the wrong one it won t detect properly.
  • Wire and understand the inner workings of 2, 3, and 4-way valves.
  • Cut your installation time, bench test and calibrate pressure devices before installation.
  • Clogged ports or a bad solenoid, learn to spot the difference and avoid replacing unnecessary components.
  • Intermittent malfunctions in limit switches can take forever to track down, learn a step-by-step method for identifying and solving the electrical problem quickly.
  • See links below for more details and demos ...

Includes two DVDs:

  • Electrical Switching, Timing & Control Devices (60: 14 min),
  • Instrumentation: Discrete & Sensory (50: 22 min)

Section 3
This section covers Electrical Diagrams (Schematics), PM and Troubleshooting:

  • Learn to design and read layout, Wiring, and Electrical Diagrams.
  • Protect your people, follow our four basic rules of Electrical diagrams to implement a safe circuit.
  • Add interlocking, memory, and cross referencing to complex control circuits.
  • Layout a control panel from scratch to finish, just by following the wiring and layout diagrams.
  • Implement motor control and magnetic starter circuit diagrams.
  • Prevent faulty operation and equipment damage, use mechanical, push button, and electrical interlocks.
  • Follow our systematic approach to troubleshooting electrical systems both at the power source and the control circuit.
  • Find short circuits and faulty components quickly, get back up and running fast.
  • Install power and phase monitors to detect dangerous conditions before causing costly motor damage.
  • Use our four fundamental guidelines to implement an effective preventive maintenance program.
  • Perform dynamic and static preventive maintenance inspections.
  • Troubleshoot control circuit logic using ladder and wiring diagrams.
  • Learn how a phase imbalance will make your motors run hot solve the problem and prevent insulation breakdown.
  • Learn why thermal overloads aren't enough to protect your equipment against damage from phase loss.
  • See links below for more details and demos...

Includes two DVDs:

  • Understanding Electrical Diagrams & Control Circuits (52: 12 min),
  • Preventive Maintenance & Troubleshooting Control Circuits (34: 53 min)

Section 4
This section covers Electrical Motor Controls:

  • Learn to prevent the seven most common causes of heat-related motor failure contactors and starters for your application.
  • Class 10, 20, 30 heaters, which one offers the right protection for your motor application.
  • Implement proper arc suppression to protect against shorts and ark hazards.
  • Make sense out of NEMA standards.
  • Learn how spending a few extra dollars can add invaluable backup motor protection.
  • Use our six-step method to implement and maintain a safe motor branch circuit.
  • Time-delay or non time-delay fuses, which one should you use to provide the best protection.
  • When it comes to motor nameplates, reading them isn't enough, everyone needs to understand what they mean and know how to use this valuable information.
  • The motor dictates circuit design, protection, and components, know how to get the requirements from Article 430 and make your job easier.
  • Select the right size fuse to protect a branch circuit, we'll show you how.
  • Choose the right NEMA starter for your motor.
  • Finally, a clear explanation of Article 430 and what it means to your motor control operations.
  • Troubleshoot solid-state starters by quickly detecting misfiring of SCRs.
  • Troubleshoot across-the, line start motors as well as the 5 types of reduced-voltage start motors.
  • Understand how variable speed drives work and where to look to solve problems.
  • Quickly troubleshoot multispeed motors and their circuits learn how to double check the connections.
  • Keep the production line running, learn to troubleshoot and control the speed of DC motors.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes made during the installation and maintenance of brushes.
  • Learn how to detect an SCR fault in the power bridge of a DC drive.
  • See how noise can affect the operation of a DC drive and learn to correct it.
  • Understand how DC motors are reversed so you'll be better prepared to troubleshoot them.
  • Use our proven techniques for detecting problems in a series, shunt, and compound DC motor before they break.
  • See links below for more details and demos...

Includes four DVDs:

  • Introduction to Electrical Motor Control Operations & Protection  (64: 32 min)

  • Sizing the Protection of Electric Motors & Control Circuits  (22: 02 min)

  • AC Motor Controls & Troubleshooting  (64: 11 min)

  • DC Motor Controls & Troubleshooting  (38: 13 min)

Section 5
This section covers PLC Technology:

  • If you're using PLCs to control motors, make sure you're implementing low-voltage protection, we'll show you how and help you avoid potential injury to personnel and equipment.
  • Is your PLC system safely and properly installed, learn which sections of the control circuit must be left hardwired for safety reasons.
  • One small wiring mistake during troubleshooting will make things worse, we'll show you the right way to do it.
  • Follow our step-by-step method of converting a hardwired relay system to a PLC-based system, do it quickly and do it right
  • Troubleshoot the complete discrete I/ O system, see it graphically, from power line problems to wiring connections to I/ O modules to the detection of a bad field device.
  • Does everybody on your staff know how to troubleshoot PLCs and I/ O, learn how to use the power of the PLC and its monitoring capabilities to help you.
  • See links below for more details and demo...

Includes one DVD:

  • Understanding & Applying PLCs in Electrical Controls (64: 53 min)

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