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PLCs - Programmable Logic Controllers

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Industrial PLC training video course, 10 DVDs about Programmable Controllers with video reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and course completion certificate. Learn about PLC logic used in factory automation programmable logic controllers in this industrial video series. No prior PLC knowledge required, Applicable to all makes and models of PLCs.
Great for training maintenance and industrial engineers.
A comprehensive PLC program applicable to all makes and models of PLCs without requiring any prior PLC knowledge. The program starts off with the basics, thoroughly explains the hardware section of the controller, moves on to both basic and advanced programming topics, and wraps up with proper system implementation guidelines.
It's even easy to train multiple peoplea simply order additional student kits.
The PLC Training Series Includes:
Ten Industrial PLC Training Videos - the first three PLC training videos introduce the PLC basics, principles and operation. The next three cover PLC hardware including discrete and analog I/ O. The next three PLC training videos explain basic and advanced PLC programming techniques and the final PLC training video shows how to properly implement a PLC-based system.
PLC Training Instructor's Guide and Answer Key
Master set of exams
Student Kit includes:
PLC Training Video Reference Handbook - reinforces the material in the PLC videos and provides review questions and answers.
PLC Course Completion Certificate
For more info and free training video samples see ...
http://www. bin95. com/ Industrial-Training-Videos/ plc_training_videos. htm
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Course Level:intermediate
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by Business Industrial Network
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10 PLC Training Video Course Series
Training Program Details
Module 1: Introduction to Programmable Controllers
(27: 55 minutes)
Areas of Application
Benefts of PLC Usage
Principles of Operations
Relay Logic and the PLC
Module 2: Number Systems and Codes & Their Uses
and Application in PLCs (25: 15 minutes)
Number Systems
- Decimal
- Binary
- Octal
- Hexadecimal
Number System Conversion
Binary Codes
- Binary Code Extended
Binary Concepts used in PLC Systems
Module 3: Logic Functions and Their Relationship with
PLC Systems (20: 56 minutes)
Basic Logic Functions
- OR
- Truth Tables
Logic Function Applications & Examples as
Used in PLC Systems
PLC Circuits and Logic Contact Symbology
Module 4: General CPU Operation, Memory System
and PLC I/ O Addressing (47: 20 minutes)
CPU Operation
Memory System
Memory Types
Memory Structure
Application Memory
I/ O Mapping and Addressing
I/ O and Memory Interaction
Confguring Your PLC System
Module 5: Discrete Input/ Output System (45: 15 minutes)
I/ O System Basics
Remote I/ O System
Discrete I/ O Interfaces
Discrete Inputs
- Description
- Uses and Applications
- Connections
- Multiplexing
Discrete Outputs
- Description
- Uses and Applications
- Connections
- Multiplexing
Module 6: Analog Input/ Output System (49: 32 minutes)
Analog Inputs
- Signal Understanding
- Data Representation
- Data Handling
- Connections
Analog Output
- Signal Understanding
- Data Representation
- Data Handling
- Connections
Module 7: PLC Instructions and Control Software
Programming, Part 1 (49: 59 minutes)
Types of PLC Instructions
Ladder Format
Block Format
Logic Continuity
Basic Relay Instructions
Ladder Scan Evaluation
Special Input Programming
Output Programming
Latch/ Unlatch
Creating Control Output Sequences
Module 8: PLC Instructions and Control Software
Programming, Part 2 (42: 33 minutes)
Timer Instructions, Uses, and Applications
Counter Instructions
Program/ Flow Control Functions and Examples
MCR (Master Control Relay)
GOTO Subroutine
Register Usage
Arithmetic: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, and Square Root
Double precision arithmetic
Module 9: PLC Instructions and Control Software
Programming, Part 3 (43: 40 minutes)
Enhanced Functions
Data Manipulation and Handling Instructions
- Data Comparison
- Absolute
- Logic Matrix
- Data Conversion
- Set Constant
- Logic Shift
- Rotate
- Examine Bit
Data Transfer Instructions
- Move Data
- Table to Register
- Register to Table
- Block Transfer In and Out
- ASCII Transfer
- FIFO Transfer Sequencers
Boolean Mnemonics, Boolean Programming
Module 10: PLC Control System Implementation
and Programming (51: 20 minutes)
Control De nition
Control Strategy
Implementation Guidelines
Program Organization/ Implementation
Con guration
Real and Internal I/ O Assignment
Register Assignment
Portions to Leave Hardwired
Program Coding/ Translation
Control Program Examples and Implementation
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