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Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Endorsed Training Provider! Innovative eLearning, upgrade your skills from your home or office. This On-Line PLC PLC/ SCADA course features hands-on tasks, real-world applications and use a multi-pronged approach involving self-study, interactive online webinars and homework assignments with a mentor on call.
Duration: 12 Modules and 6 Live Webcasts over 3 months,
PLC Training Programs: Certificate Program.
Related Software Programs or Products: Allen Bradley, Modicon, GE, Omron, Automation Direct, Siemens, Mitsubishi, TI
Related Awards, Degrees or Certifications: PLC Proraming certificate, Technologies is an Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and IEEE Endorsed Training Provide
Related Jobs or Careers: Engineers, Electricians, Maintenance and all those who want to be updated on the latest developments in SCADA and PLC systems an
This is primarily webinar training
on-line e-learning cbt (computer based)This is an online eLearning or CBT training program
on-line tutorialThis is an online tutorial
self directedThis is a self-directed course
study at homeThis course may be available for home-study
computer labComputer Lab Work
group study and discussionThis class may involve group study
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in St Louis, MO, or at one of these training facilities: Saint Louis, MO, Atlanta City, GA, Atlanta, GA, Denver, CO, Englewood, CO,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:3 months
Training Presented in:English
Certificate Program Provided by Business Industrial Network
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  • Y asked: Hello, I am years old electrical engineer. Do you think it is useful for someone who has no idea about plc and scada at the end of the course(will I be able to diagnose and work with plc?)Do you provide this course online? Thanks in advance. Sincerly, ACAR
  • G asked: I've worked in Information Technology related fields my whole career. Currently responsibile for IT and now getting pulled into SCADA related monitoring and support for my current employer. Have received OEM specific SCADA training but would like to broaden my foundation of understanding regarding SCADA/ PLC/ HMI. Currently looking for what the best path would be for me considering that I do not have formal "engineering" degree or training.
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  • W asked: I am interested in taking the online course. How much is the cost? What books, if any, will I be required to obtain? I have no SCADA training, but I have been performing electrical work on wind turbines for the last few years. Are there any classes I should take before this one? I appreciate your time in answering my questions, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
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Control Systems Technology - SCADA and PLC Training
Training Program Details
http://www. bin95. com/ certificate_program_online/ control-systems-technology. htm
This control systems technology course is designed to benefit you with practical up-to-date information on the application of PLC systems to the automation and process control industries. It is suitable for people who have little or no exposure to PLCs (programmable control systems), but expect to become involved in some or all aspects of PLC installation. It aims to give practical advice from experts in the field, to assist you to correctly plan, program and install a PLC with a shorter learning curve and more confidence.
SCADA has traditionally meant a window into the process of a plant and / or a method of gathering of data from devices in the field. Today, the focus is on integrating this process data into the actual business, and using it in real time. In addition to this, today's emphasis is on using Open Standards, such as communication protocols (eg IEC 60870, DNP3 and TCP/ IP) and 'off-the-shelf' hardware and software, as well as focusing on keeping the costs down. PLCs continue to gain in popularity. In fact, many SCADA applications use PLCs as the RTU of choice, when communicating with field devices.
This comprehensive course covers the essentials of SCADA and PLC systems, which are often used in close association with each other. A selection of case studies are used to illustrate the key concepts with examples of real world working SCADA and PLC systems in the water, electrical and processing industries. This course will be an excellent opportunity to network with your peers, as well as to gain significant new information and techniques for your next SCADA / PLC project. Although the emphasis of the course will be on practical industry topics highlighting recent developments, using case studies, the latest application of SCADA, PLC technologies and fundamentals will be covered. The workshop is aimed at those who want to be updated on the latest developments in SCADA and PLC systems and want to get a solid appreciation of the fundamentals of their design, installation and troubleshooting.
Audience: Engineers, Electricians, Maintenance and all those who want to be updated on the latest developments in SCADA and PLC systems and want to get a solid appreciation of the fundamentals of their design, installation and troubleshooting..
Duration: 12 Modules and 6 Live Webcasts over 3 months, Instructor: Richard Wyman, BSME, MSME, Price: $1500 PLC Training Programs: Certificate program online
Control systems technology course objectives.
Specifying PLC hardware and installation criteria
Describe PLC software structure
How to write medium level PLC programs (using ladder logic)
Troubleshooting a typical PLC system (programmable control systems)
Specifying SCADA and PLC Technologies systems
Fundamentals of SCADA systems
Essentials of SCADA software configuration
Tricks and tips in installation of SCADA systems
Essentials of telecommunications links
Use of Industrial Ethernet in SCADA systems
OPC and SCADA systems
SCADA network security issues
How to troubleshoot SCADA systems
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