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Target Thinking - Solving Problems

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Do you sometimes...
...Have difficulty thinking creatively under pressure?
...Find it difficult to critically analyze new information?
...Feel overwhelmed with your workload?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be experiencing negative stress. This type of stress occurs when you feel you don't have control of the situation - as a result your higher level thinking skills are often overshadowed by your more basic thinking skills (which prevent you from accessing your more complex and detailed memories and experiences).
So, why do some people consistently excel under pressure? For the most part, they develop coping mechanisms using their personal learning and thinking style. For example, they regain control of the situation by structuring information and schedules according to their most comfortable way of thinking.
* Overcome barriers to critical & creative thinking
* Proactively identify potential problems at work
* Develop flexible & practical solutions to problems
* Stimulate others to think critically and creatively
* Critically evaluate new information from all sources
* Collect & analyze information using multiple perspectives
* Coordinate resources for holistic problem solving
* Communicate and implement your solutions effectively
Most creative thinking programs provide activities to help participants "loosen up" - to free their minds and allow the creative juices to flow. However, these activities are always conducted in a controlled training environment - without threat of consequence. As a result, many participants quickly discover, once they are back in their normal (real-world) work environment, it is not so easy to recreate those same free-flowing creative thoughts.
In this program, we will show you how to use your preferred thinking style and your own unique personality to master the creative thinking process. As a result, once you leave our seminar you will be able to call upon your own cognitive strengths to quickly develop new and innovative ideas in any type of work (or learning) environment.
Yes, we can customize and offer this program on-site at a location of your choosing.
Group Rate: $2500 (maximum 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195 (minimum 5 participants)
Both rates include:
* A 1-day interactive training class customized to your organization's specifications
* Delivery of the class at a location and time of your choosing
* A workbook for each participant containing all the thinking strategies
* Worksheets to help the participants apply the strategies using their personal thinking style
* Extended Instruction Program: Participants will have 6 months of access to their instructor after the training class
"Lots of good material. Overall, interesting approach by looking at creativity in terms of total client relationship instead of just brainstorming. I found it worthwhile."
Janet Cabot, Partner (BSMG Worldwide)
"I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot. Very excellent class. Highly recommend to all employees."
Leonard Horne, Keyboard Operator
"I liked everything about this class. It was eye opening on our thinking process - what works and what will not."
Dallene Dene, Administrative Assistant
"I was pleased to learn how different people perceive information and how to communicate better to those folks."
Steven Amigh, Program Manager
"It gave me a new perspective on workplace interactions."
Gloria Brown, Accounting Technician
"What I liked most about this seminar was how the different components of the critical thinking was explained and how and when they can be applied."
Eunice Benthall, Computer Operator
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This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Oceanside, CA,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Target Learning

Target Thinking - Solving Problems Seminar Schedule

December, 2017
20th Dec   Palm Desert, CA   [Register]
Target Thinking - Solving Problems
---Learning Style Indicator---
A personal assessment tool to identify your most efficient way to receive new information.
---Thinking Style Indicator---
A personal assessment tool to identify your most efficient way to process new information.
---Style Definitions---
Descriptions for the different learning, thinking, and operational styles that can affect how we interact with others.
---Crossing Over---
A variety of easy and flexible tasks and activities to help you leave your cognitive comfort zone when needed.
---The Critical Mind---
Reasons why some people are better than others at critical and creative thinking.
---Jump-Starting the Brain---
Techniques to help you become mentally active and focused before starting a project.
---External Barriers to Thinking---
Physical and organizational factors at work that can prevent you from viewing information from a critical and creative viewpoint.
---Internal Barriers to Thinking---
Mental and emotional factors that can keep you from creating new ideas and seeing the big picture when trying to solve problems.
---Dealing with Perceptions---
A worksheet to help you recognize potential problems with your co-workers, supervisors, vendors, and customers (and develop practical solutions).
---Problem Identification---
A variety of techniques to help you identify & define the real reason for the problem - from a strategic & tactical perspective.
---Critical Reading---
Tips on how to read with a strong critical perspective to ensure the information is accurate and worthwhile.
---Brain Stimulation Tips---
Several physical and mental activities (& foods) to improve blood flow to the brain and stir the creative juices.
---Creative Linear Thinking---
Structured methods for generating practical solutions for complex problems.
---Creative Global Thinking---
Flexible methods for generating practical solutions for complex problems.
---Creative Team Thinking---
Strategies for creative thinking in group settings.
---Idea Implementation---
Strategies for implementing new ideas to ensure your solutions achieve their intended purpose.
---Communicating New Ideas---
Strategies for effectively communicating your ideas to gain collective buy-in.
---Thinking Checklist---
A step-by-step checklist to ensure you accurately define the problem, solve the problem, and implement the solution efficiently and effectively.
You will receive a workbook containing all the thinking strategies with implementation steps. The workbook also contains custom worksheets to help you create, organize, and communicate new ideas to others inside and outside of your organization.
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