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Target Memory - Retain & Recall

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...Forget important deadlines or appointments?
...Forget to bring relevant items to meetings, discussions, or events?
...Have difficulty remembering important information about colleagues, customers, vendors, or bosses?
...Have difficulty remembering information presented during meetings, discussions, or training classes?
We can't remember everything we see, hear, or read. In fact, it's quite common to blame "age" as the culprit for forgetfulness. Although our short-term memory (and concentration) may weaken as we grow older, our long-term memories actually remain intact indefinitely. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to strengthen your short-term memory as well as recall those "forgotten" long-term memories - without hours of practice.
In this program, you will learn how to:
* Retain and recall information from meetings, discussions, training classes
* Read, retain, and recall new information quickly and effectively from any type of reading material
* Communicate your message in a way to ensure your reader or listener retains the information
* Quickly move information from short-term to long-term memory
* Apply personal memory strategies to improve your overall efficiency at work & home
* Recall "lost" memories
Most memory improvement classes recommend a variety of rigid techniques and exercises that, for the most part, can be effective. Unfortunately, these techniques and exercises often require a great deal of effort and time, and don't always work for everyone - particularly in a chaotic work or school environment.
We do not focus on complex mental exercises. Instead, we will show you how to use your personal learning and thinking style to retain and recall information. This is not a gimmick; it is a practical, proven method to improve your memory skills quickly and easily.
Yes, we can customize and offer this program on-site at a location of your choosing.
Group Rate: $2500 (maximum 30 participants)
Per Person Rate: $195 (minimum 5 participants)
Both rates include:
* A 1-day interactive training class customized to your organization's specifications
* Delivery of the class at a location and time of your choosing
* A workbook for each participant containing all the memory strategies
* Worksheets to help the participants apply the strategies using their personal thinking style
* Extended Instruction Program: Participants will have 6 months of access to their instructor after the training class
"What I like about this workshop is that it gives us a chance to learn more about ourselves and how we perform at work and in business meetings."
Anthony Cox (GMAC)
"The seminar provided a host of great tools for memory."
David Carter (United States Army)
"I liked the ways to transition memories to long-term and the physiological mechanisms of memory recall and establishment."
Jason Breiner (United States Army)
"I liked the wealth of techniques to attain a better memory."
John Becket (GMAC)
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This is primarily ilt training
workshop / seminarThis is a workshop seminar
instructor led trainingThis class may be available at a classroom in Oceanside, CA,
Course Level:basic through advanced
Duration:1 days
Training Presented in:English
Training Provided by Target Learning

Target Memory - Retain & Recall Seminar Schedule

December, 2017
21st Dec   Palm Desert, CA   [Register]
Target Memory - Retain & Recall
---Learning Style Indicator---
A personal assessment tool to identify your most efficient way to receive new information.
---Thinking Style Indicator---
A personal assessment tool to identify your most efficient way to process new information.
---Memory Senses Indicator---
A personal assessment tool to identify your strongest senses for retaining and recalling new information.
---Myths & Facts---
You will learn how to retain and recall information based on the latest brain research.
---Brain Stimulation---
You will learn how to stimulate your brain through physical and mental activities, certain types of food, and nutritional supplements.
---Memory Barriers---
You will learn which physical, emotional, and environmental factors can affect your ability to quickly retain and recall information.
---Common Senses---
They will learn how to take advantage of their five senses to remember information and events, and how to recall the memories later.
---Recall Strategies---
You will learn how to use your personal learning and thinking styles to efficiently and effectively recall recent and distant memories.
---Tools for Reading Retention---
You will learn several flexible techniques to help you organize your reading assignments to ensure excellent comprehension and recall.
---Tools for Writing Retention---
You will learn how to structure and present your written communication to ensure your readers remember and recall what they read.
---Listening Checklist---
A step-by-step method to help you mentally and physically prepare to retain key information from classes, meetings, and conversations.
---Cross-Over Listening---
You will learn how to retain information when talking with people whom have a different thinking style (e. g. detailed thinker speaking to a concept thinker).
---Presenting to Listeners---
You will learn how to present information so your listeners can easily retain and recall new information.
You will receive a workbook containing all of the memory strategies with implementation steps. The workbook also contains several custom worksheets to help you organize your ideas & specific tasks to better retention and recall and to help you make your information memorable to others.
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