About Us

Connecting People who Want to Learn with People who Love to Teach
We do so by providing a valuable forum that assists training providers in reaching potential students, and gives students a powerful educational decision-making resource.
  • Local: Supporting Local Businesses where possible.
  • Community: Bridging the gap between students and training providers.
  • Results: Creating a valuable resource for both students and training providers.
  • Passion: Our strong enthusiasm for what we do.
The word genius has two definitions.
  • A strong natural talent, aptitude or inclination
  • A person who has extraordinary intellect and talent
We encourage you to interpret the statement "Find Your Genius!®" using both definitions. To quote Simone de Beauvoir (a French author and philosopher):
One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius.
Our website aims to help you find a genius (AKA a training provider) who will spark the beginning of your journey to uncovering your personal genius.

My name is Stuart Jones I'm a technologist and an educator and I started Training-Classes.com to help people educate themselves for a better life

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions I want you to contact me personally and I will try to do everything I can to resolve the issue or fix the problem.

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Stuart Jones